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African Tribal Masks

Tulia African

Explore the Unique Handcrafted African Arts and craft at Tulia African Store

Tulia African Store is your one-stop shop for all things African. Our products are handmade by local African artisans from all over the continent and feature traditional African artifacts, handmade crafts, woven accessories, home decor and traditional jewelries and attirs 

Couple Sculpture

20% off Holiday

Till-21st Dec

christmas tree decorations
christmas tree decorations

Christmas Decoration

Embrace your holiday spirit this year with our early holiday offers! Includes, handmade crafted Nativity Scene made from recycled banana leaves, corn husk, and sisal bringing a touch of Eco-sustainability and traditional crafts to your home. We also have eco-friendly Christmas tree made from banana leaves and recycled fabric. Your home will have a unique and eco-conscious, handcrafted Christmas décor.

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