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Rwanda women weavers

Our Story

My love for arts and crafts began to flourish, nurtured by the rich tapestry of African artistry that surrounded me. My father and uncle were masterful woodcarvers, sculpting intricate wooden masks that told stories of culture, tradition, and spirituality. The rhythmic chiseling of wood and the aromatic scent of fresh timber imprinted a lasting impression on my young mind. Additionally, our neighbor’s father, a skilled artisan in metalwork, crafted awe-inspiring welded metal crafts, adding diversity to the artistic milieu that fuelled my passion.
I envisioned a future where African artisans could not only showcase their talents to the world but also receive fair compensation for their remarkable craftsmanship.
I was resolute in my commitment to support African artisans in showcasing their unique creations on a global scale. I understood the importance of providing a platform that would enable them to reach a broader market, ensuring their talents were acknowledged and their efforts rewarded.

Tulia is Africa's best handicraft store, Our Products are all handmade by local artisans in over 12 African countries. Creating African Arts and crafts to their finest. Traditionally influenced, and fair trade business aiming for the economic growth of Africa.
We sell and ship worldwide; African Home decor, Traditional African Accesorries, and Jewelry to Traditional antique 

We use local natural resources and recycle materials in making our products. 

Candle holder sculpture
Metal Welding art
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